(We) do not share the same background yet she proved to be an insightful consultant...(and) a good 'Change Agent'.quote


Advocacy Planning, Design and Support

At RAINMAKER, we provide coaching and guidance to create an advocacy strategy and conduct customized staff and volunteer training. RAINMAKER also works to clarify the organization's legislative agenda.

Most individuals working in the social profit field have heard this analogy: Any one of us would be the first to rush to rescue a baby floating down the river in the basket. If there were several babies in baskets, we would all rush to save them! But at what point do we stop rushing to save babies, and figure out who is throwing the babies in the river in the first place?

When it comes to our issues, we need to ask the same questions. Why is our educational system struggling so? Why do we need so many shelters? What are the root causes of hunger in our country or in other regions of the world? If we want to make substantial change, or essentially, if we want to stop whoever is throwing the babies in baskets in the river to begin with, we need to look at the policies that affect our constituents. Advocacy planning and training is about addressing root causes of the issues that are important to us, identifying the most effective way to mobilize our supporters, planning the message and the legislative vehicles that will give us the most impact, and ultimately turning the tide.

Looking to maximize the grassroots movement around your vision? RAINMAKER can help.

Complement your coaching with an online course from


Foundations in True Abundance is a highly interactive and participatory six-session on-line class designed to knock your socks off. Created with committed fundraising professionals and volunteers in mind, this course helps you to address the fundamental issues blocking your organization from a fundraising breakthrough.

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