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There can be many barriers to an effective fundraising program:

  • limited board engagement in fundraising
  • staff capacity
  • poor planning of a campaign
  • an unclear or uncompelling message
  • a lack of philanthropic culture
  • poor systems of tracking and thanking donors
  • the list goes on and on

RAINMAKER Consulting works with organizational leaders to assess the challenges and address them head-on.

At RAINMAKER, we believe that many of the resources that our organizations need are readily available... if we just knew how to access them! We reveal the financial and human resources that already exist which can accelerate an organizational fundraising breakthrough.


RAINMAKER works with leaders to create breakthrough results. Whether launching a capital campaign, a planned giving program, a major donor program, or a first time fundraising event, we will support your efforts by providing new tools, insights, and resources to reach your goals. RAINMAKER will customize a plan for working together based on your individual aspirations.


RAINMAKER will work with your board to determine your needs and provide the training to fill the gap. Do you need practice in face-to-face solicitations, support in integrating donor cultivation and stewardship into board activities or in how to widen your donor base? How could your organization begin to create a culture of philanthropy where donors readily come to you? We will customize and facilitate a training that meets your organization's specific needs. Quantum Jump courses are designed to train your board and staff to create a culture of true abundance for your social profit organization. Click here to learn more!


Do you need help with forming an effective development committee, strategizing around particular fundraising goals, or breaking through a barrier that seems impossible? Work with your RAINMAKER coach to realize your goals.

Complement your coaching with an online course from


educational fundraising courses

Foundations in True Abundance is a highly interactive and participatory six-session on-line class designed to provide committed fundraising professionals and volunteers the tools to create a fundraising breakthrough.

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