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Transformational Leadership Development

Leadership is about vision and relationships. It is about the ability to inspire and empower others with what is possible. Our ideal client is committed to serious growth that will be reflected in his/her professional life - an individual in search of quantum breakthroughs in effectiveness, measurable results and possibility. Leadership can occur within an organization from any seat. We have multiple opportunities for current and emerging leaders to gain support in their next level of professional development. RAINMAKER enhances leadership skills through executive coaching, project-specific coaching and training, and courses.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching empowers professionals to stretch themselves, work on trouble areas, and enhance their leadership capabilities.

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you know you could achieve far better results but you just can't find the right route?

An Executive Coach is a partner who encourages you to be the very best you can be and helps you achieve breakthrough results. At RAINMAKER Consulting we help you design bold goals that lead to new possibilities. We help you articulate a vision that inspires you. Then we set up a structure and support system to help you succeed.

Board Development and Support

The Board of Directors is not only the legal governing body, but it is the core group of supporters that can make or break your organization. What are the structures in place to support a strong board? What tools can assure that the board doesn't micromanage and get in the way of the effectiveness of the staff? How can the board experience be a positive and fulfilling one for its members?

A healthy board leads to a clear and meaningful vision, strong fundraising, and effective and efficient use of staff resources. At RAINMAKER, we work with board leadership to identify what is working, and what needs work. We observe the structures and systems in place and work from the ground up to create a healthy body that can effectively move your organization towards its vision.

Board Trainings in governance or fundraising are common requests of RAINMAKER Consulting. We customize the training based on your specific needs.

RAINMAKER can also provide coaching of an individual or team (i.e., Development Committee or a Board Governance and Nominating Committee). This is an effective way to have a group enhance their leadership skills and put in place systems to assure consistent implementation of what was learned.

Consulting contracts in board development might include a longer-term project such as reviewing bylaws, restructuring the board configuration, transitioning the leadership of the board, or strategic planning.

Here is how to know if you would benefit from an Executive Coach

  • Do you feel that you could be more effective in motivating and empowering your staff?
  • Would you find it useful to brainstorm with a professional colleague from outside your organization?
  • Would you like a confidante who can help you enhance your strengths and support you in overcoming professional hurdles and weaknesses?
  • Do you need help to achieve professional breakthroughs without sacrificing your personal well-being?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, RAINMAKER Consulting is right for you.

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