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Visioning and Strategic Thinking

Organizations that have a clearly articulated vision can move mountains. We believe that whatever your mission, generative, future-based language will allow you to succinctly chart the course for social change, whether it's enhancement of the arts, or creating opportunities for under-served populations.

RAINMAKER offers a concise strategic planning process in which stakeholders engage in facilitated interactive steps that include:

  • clarifying the mission, vision, and guiding values
  • doing a thorough analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats affecting the organization, and
  • establishing the strategic goals, next steps, and a timeline.

RAINMAKER's executive coaching and leadership guidance can help hone your organization's vision for the future.

RAINMAKER's consulting contracts in strategic planning might include: short- and long-term strategic planning processes, coaching on existing strategic plans and upgrading mid-cycle strategic plans.

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