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Working with Volunteers

At RAINMAKER Consulting, we believe that our communities are filled with people who want to make a difference, who want to give back, and who want to have their talents and abundant resources used for a great cause. We help groups identify the individuals who are most matched in their commitments and their resources to fulfill their needs.

Do you have volunteers readily coming to your organization to help? Do you have structures in place to assure that they feel fulfilled in their experience while they fill a vital need of your organization? Often volunteers have less than fulfilling experiences... they don't feel appreciated, they have enough direction, and they feel frustrated that they can't make a difference.

We all know of organizations that seem to have volunteers flocking to them. How could you create that in your organization? At RAINMAKER Consulting, we have studied numerous volunteer models that truly work. From those experiences we have created training and coaching programs designed to work for organizations to maximize their resources and capture volunteer enthusiasm and energy to catapult your cause forward.

Complement your coaching with an online course from


Foundations in True Abundance is a highly interactive and participatory six-session on-line class designed to knock your socks off. Created with committed fundraising professionals and volunteers in mind, this course helps you to address the fundamental issues blocking your organization from a fundraising breakthrough.

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