We take a look at your toolbox

And the listening in earnest begins

No matter what we’re doing for you, our work will always begin with a thorough assessment. In some cases, this may consist of a couple of in-depth conversations, at other times, we may decide that a full formal assessment is in order. We don’t assume that we know what your needs are or how your organization works. We know that each entity is unique. Regardless, we’ll always start by learning where you are with a candid review and evaluation of your previous successes and current capacity.

  • If your organization is ready for a Strategic Planning process, we’ll guide your team in logical steps suited to your specific needs.  This could include the examination of your current mission and vision, a review of current internal and external realities (including deep or shallow data gathering), setting future strategic goals and designing an implementation plan.  The process could range from a weekend retreat to an 18 month long engagement. We would co-design this process with you and your team.

  • If you have come to us for help with Fundraising Strategy, we’ll conduct an evaluation of fundraising effectiveness and look for indicators of a Culture of Philanthropy. Then, we’ll guide you toward building your culture to one of true abundance.

  • If you’re eager to build a stronger board, we’ll share board self-assessment tools and provide the training necessary to strengthen your leadership team’s capacity.

  • And finally, if you have come to us wanting to improve and reach certain goals as an executive leader, we will help you identify your strengths, your blind spots and areas to focus on going forward.

When this work with you is complete, we’ll lead you on the path to realizing your goals.

And we’ll keep listening.

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