Change happens when a person recognizes that something is not right and seizes the opportunity to transform it.

Choose Abundance represents your opportunity to lead your organization in achieving unprecedented breakthroughs. Seize it!

-Lynne Twist, Author, The Soul of Money



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See the research behind our abundance!

Are you and your organization steeped in scarcity?

You may be surprised - perhaps these sound familiar:

"We could never...,"
"That's impossible...,"
"We tried that..."

Unlock possibility and choose an abundant future!

Beyond the typical skill building fundraising book,
Choose Abundance walks you through the steps to build a Culture of Philanthropy, which will result in a resource-abundant organization.

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A. Rima Dael, WSHU Public Radio General Manager talks with Laurie Herrick, Author of Choose Abundance and Founder, Rainmaker Consulting.

Laurie Herrick is a fundraising consultant and entrepreneur with over twenty years’ experience in the not-for-profit sector.

Praise for Choose Abundance

Donna Haghighat

CEO, The Women’s Fund of Western Massachusetts

If you find yourself deliberating whether buying this book is in your organizational budget, let Laurie Herrick enroll you in the idea that your scarcity mindset is holding you and your organization back.

A.Rima Dael

Faculty, Bay Path University

This book is a solid companion to students of philanthropy…because it is written from a practitioner’s experience.

Harold Grinspoon

Founder, The Harold Grinspoon Foundation

Laurie Herrick is right on target!  What stops many nonprofit leaders from fundraising success is a mindset of scarcity and a lack of confidence.  They forget that people with wealth are looking for great places to put their philanthropic dollars.