Foundation leaders may be struggling with organizational challenges that would benefit from an outside perspective. At Rainmaker, we support leaders in philanthropy clarify their strategic vision and strengthen effective governance and management methods.

Our consulting approach to strategic planning and leadership development will help your foundation’s executives and board members create strong partnerships for lasting change. Utilizing the latest thinking from The Center for High Impact Philanthropy, we also work to develop reporting and evaluation systems that measure impact without creating an undue burden on the receiving charities.

Rainmaker can work with your foundation to:

  • Focus the future vision and the desired goals of your foundation.
  • Provide coaching and training to evaluate and support your management and governing leadership.
  • Guide your organization through executive transitions
  • Evaluate your giving history to determine if your philanthropy is having the impact you want.
  • Review and modify your guidelines to ensure that an potential recipient organization is aligned with your philanthropic goals.
  • Develop an effective screening process for your foundation, including online systems such as pre-screening, application checklists, and easy reporting processes.
  • Revise your reporting procedures to ensure that you can measure not only the effectiveness of the nonprofits you support but also your own foundations effectiveness.
  • Develop capacity-building programs that will strengthen the nonprofits in your sector or geographic catchment area.

Rainmaker will help you make a bigger difference with your resources. Our job is to help your foundation leadership clarify what you want to accomplish and how your team can maximize its impact in the world.