Donor Discovery Meetings

The Donor Discovery Meeting – A Key Step in Transformational Fundraising

By Laurie Herrick

Setting Up a Donor Discovery Meeting to Build a Transformational Fundraising Program In this series of three blogs, I explore how to enhance your donor program in order to be […] Read More

Transformational Donor Experiences

Transformational Experiences for Deep Donor Partnerships

By Laurie Herrick

  Easy Ways to Provide Transformational Experiences for Your Donors In this series of three blogs on Shifting from Transactional to Transformational Fundraising, I explore how to enhance your donor […] Read More

Transactional vs. Transformational Fundraising

Shifting from Transactional to Transformational Fundraising

By Laurie Herrick

Why Shift from Transactional to Transformational Fundraising? Do you want a robust and healthy collection of donors who support your organization’s mission? When you shift from Transactional to Transformational Fundraising, […] Read More

Strategic Planning and How it Can Support a Culture of Philanthropy

By Laurie Herrick

The importance of Strategic Planning A Strategic Planning process is a tremendous opportunity to create the invented, generative and bold future you desire—including a Culture of Philanthropy. When organizational leaders […] Read More

Is it Possible to Actually Engineer a Culture of Philanthropy?

By Laurie Herrick

How to Engineer a Culture of Philanthropy I’ve been asked a number of times about the difficulty in making culture change. It seems so abstract! How can you actually change […] Read More

Language and Culture Change: Mindset – Your Superpower

By Laurie Herrick

As an organizational leader, you are a superhero.  You likely step up, step in, and lean in! You take actions and build systems and structures that help deliver your mission.  […] Read More

What do we mean by Philanthropy?

By Laurie Herrick

As we explore this idea of a Culture of Philanthropy, it’s important to talk about exactly what we mean when we say the word ‘philanthropy’.  What comes to mind for […] Read More

Breaking News at Rainmaker Consulting

By Laurie Herrick

What if there was an instruction manual for building a Culture of Philanthropy? What if you could remove the blocks your organization encounters in fund-raising and community engagement?  For two […] Read More


SCULPTing Your Future

By David Sharken

It’s a new year and like many of us, you are probably thinking about your goals. We know your organization is doing great work in service of your community. And […] Read More

Goal #3 Behavior

Behavior to Build a Culture of Philanthropy: Our third in the series of Three Easy-to-Achieve Culture of Philanthropy Goals for 2021.

By Laurie Herrick

This week, we’ve shared 3 blogs in 3 days outlining Three EASY to Achieve Culture of Philanthropy Goals That You Can Take On for 2021. Using the Robert Gass Wheel […] Read More

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