SCULPT Delivers:

  • Valuable community partners
  • Increased donor loyalty
  • Greater board & staff engagement
  • Larger gifts
  • More funds, volunteers and in-kind donations

Each team in SCULPT creates a year-long customized implementation plan and begins practices that lead to positive culture change. In the end, each leadership team holds collaborative ownership for fundraising success. Learning and working with organizational colleagues and peers across the country is key to this professional development series.

At Rainmaker Consulting, when we talk about a Culture of Philanthropy it is more than just a label or a trend. We are guiding a transformation that helps organizations flourish. We employ new ways for key stakeholders to think about, talk about, organize for, and engage in fundraising. We can bring your team from concept to reality in a way that is exciting, engaging, and affordable!

SCULPT is an online course delivered via Zoom platform. Assignments and homework are constructed to advance your team’s vision.

Introductory Price: $6000 per team.


Program Details

Online Intensives

#1 Program Launch

  • Fundamentals of a Culture of Philanthropy
  • Assessing your organization
  • Developing and rolling out your organization-wide plan

#2 Building Momentum

  • Leading effectively: building your team
  • Exploring and building your major donor portfolio
  • Addressing the obstacles to a Culture of Philanthropy

#3 Send-off!

  • Plan for the future

 Additional Activities/Resources

  • Monthly coaching calls with your team and a Rainmaker Consultant
  • Key topic webinars to deepen your knowledge and skills
  • Peer learning opportunities (Executive Director, Development Professional, Board Members, Program Staff)
  • Essential tools and resources
  • Optional access to *DonorSearch wealth screening tool (*additional cost)

Program Outcomes & Commitment

We support you in achieving:

  • Engaged community partners
  • Increased donor loyalty
  • Greater board & staff commitment
  • Larger gifts
  • More funds, volunteers and in-kind donations

You commit to:

  • Engage your team. Enroll a minimum of 3 and up to 5 team members (Executive Director, Marketing/Development Professional, Board Members, Program Staff)
  • Show up! Your team attends all intensives and coaching calls
  • Do the work - readings, homework and implementation (all course materials included in fee)
  • Bring it all to the table!

SCULPT is an online course delivered via Zoom platform.

Introductory Price: $6000 per team.

Application Process – 3 parts

Part 1: Organization Application - The Organization Application is a simple form that includes a listing of all of your participating team members and their contact information. 

Part 2: Team Member Information Form - Once Rainmaker receives your Organization Application each proposed team member will receive a Team Member Information Form to be completed individually.  This is where each person will describe their role and their thoughts on building an organization-wide culture of philanthropy.

Part 3: Team Interview- Upon receipt of your Team Member Information Forms we will be in touch to schedule a full team interview with a Rainmaker consultant.