Partners for a Healthier Community

Transforming a small organization into a regional force

Partners for a Healthier Community in Springfield, Massachusetts, has a mission to improve community health. It connected to us several years ago, when Jessica Collins was transitioning into the role of executive director and the organization was also undergoing a change in its business model to become a public health institute.

Jessica says: “It was a transition period. Rainmaker provided both a consultant who helped us research other public health models and put together our own model for how to roll out our service competencies in Western Mass. Rainmaker laid out tasks, by quarter, in terms of communications and plans. And Rainmaker provided an executive coach for me. It was very helpful, having a sounding board and someone to think through the steps. Rainmaker offered coaching in time management and shared networks with me. We were able to maximize our excited transition energy and open up to possibilities. We learned not to think too small. Rainmaker has big ideas. They want people to succeed.”

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