There’s more than one path to successful leadership

Our way is about you, with you, for you

Depending on where your organization is in its growth and what your challenges, needs, and goals are, we will tailor to you:

  • Training. We will co-design a training for your board, staff, executive leadership, development committee, volunteers, or a combination of individuals. We can focus on Board Development, Fundraising Strategy, Leadership Development, Project Management, or other topics.

  • Individual and group coaching. We will together set the project goal and subsequently provide appropriate training sessions to help you stay on track to achieve the desired results.

  • Capital Campaign Support.  We assure that your organization is ready for the campaign, that your back office is in order, your donors are well cared for, and your team is well-trained.  Then, we help you achieve your campaign goals.

  • Feasibility Studies. Not! See what we will do instead of a traditional feasibility study, saving your organization money, and training you to enhance donor communications.

  • Planned Giving. We establish a planned giving program for your organization. Rainmaker can coach you and provide resources to make it happen.

  • Retreats. Rainmaker will co-design then facilitate your retreat to build strong teams, address issues of conflict and challenge, guide executive transitions, develop strategies, provide professional development, or create a Culture of Philanthropy.

  • Keynotes. Rainmaker can educate and entertain from the podium on a number of topics to enhance your banquet, event, or conference.

  • Workshops. We offer a number of workshops for your board, conference or membership meeting on topics such as Fund Development, Working with Major Donors, Asking for Money, Creating a Culture of Philanthropy, Writing a Strong Appeal Letter, Writing a GREAT Case Statement, Strategies that Work, Organizational Vision, Building a Strong Board, Building a Board that Loves Fundraising. The list is endless.

Rainmaker does not have a formulaic approach. Our suggestions are steeped in experience and deep listening that will lead us, together, into the creation of relevant, attainable goals—goals that will thrust you into new ways of thinking, leading, collaborating, and succeeding. We won’t create a snazzy report to pile on the other slick plans you’ve seen. We’ll help create your own timely, tangible way forward.

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