The Valley Temple

Understanding a campaign’s ‘not just about the dollars’

The Valley Temple
After developing a relationship with Rabbi Sandford R. Kopnick on a previous project, he reached out to Rainmaker in his role as religious leader of The Valley Temple of Cincinnati, Ohio, which was launching a $2.5 million campaign for a temple expansion and renovation.

Rabbi Kopnick says: “We started from less than scratch. Rainmaker coached us all in learning that a campaign is not just about the dollars. It’s about getting people invested. The work helped me understand what my limitations are and what to do in a challenging conversation. Rainmaker knew what I needed to hear, even if I didn’t want to hear it. Ultimately, we had profound success. My Rainmaker coach was instrumental in helping to keep me focused and on task. She didn’t impose conventional wisdom onto a culture. She matched conventional wisdom with the culture, and listened more than she talked. My coach was professional, injected humor, and she knew how to push people, but not so far that they break.”

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